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PIA Private Investments Africa - About us

PIA is an on-line investment forum provided by kenyabeach.com.

PIA avails investment opportunities in East and Central Africa and through the net, seeks strategic individuals, corporate partners from within Africa or elsewhere.

PIA provides data on investment and business opportunities in East and Central Africa, investment operating conditions and key players in the investors community sector in the region. Its managers provide local technical advisory, due diligence, incubation and monitoring services to prospective and other investors or customers.

Therefore the resource is essential to:-

  • Public and private investment promotion agencies (IPAs).
  • Business associations and industry chambers.
  • Financial institutions and venture capitalists.
  • Business and financial angels.
  • Insurance agencies.

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As an internet hub, the main objective of PIA PRIVATE INVESTMENTS AFRICA  is to promote investments, markets  and other related opportunities in Africa and through the net for the purpose of seeking strategic individuals, corporate partners, customers or buyers from within  Africa or elsewhere. In doing so, the facility enables investors community across the globe to gain access to investment and trading opportunities in Africa that would otherwise not been available to them.


To become the leading private internet-based facility with a global reach that promotes and facilitates investment and Business Opportunities in East and Central Africa.


The unique characteristics of PIA is that it avails electronic linkages to other private and public investment promoting agencies (IPAs) privatization agencies, financial sources, angel network and other investor-friendly communities which makes investment decisions much easier and corporate relationships much closer. Ubialinks.com management conducts on-ground pre-investment due-diligence and post-investment incubation services to would-be investors, customers and partners.
Furthermore it promotes and seeks investors in its own innovative ideas and undertakings.


PIA is being managed by a German, an entrepreneur, associated by  a network of consultants and investment managers. The team has a vast experience in fund management, investment appraisal, legal counseling & public relations. The management is focusing on promotion of the niche African industries in its efforts to participate in the new economy. These include mining, tourism, e-commerce, communication, media, agribusiness, manufacturing, and management of web-based information resources.

PIA Private Investments Africa - About us
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