We wish to interest you in advertising in KENYABEACH.COM, a newly introduced tourism guide to the Tourism industry at the Kenyan Coast. KENYABEACH.COM is a sister publication to the commercial BEST CHANCE magazine, your revolutionary weekly coastal advertiser currently at the forefront of advertising at the coast, published by Trumbull Investments Ltd and distributed FREE OF CHARGE all over the coast from Lamu to Shimoni.

KENYABEACH.COM is an already established name in the tourism industry from our web designing work for over 100 tourism related entities at the coast through our internet server based in the United States of America. KENYABEACH.COM Coastal Tourism Guide will therefore be not only a continuation of the web design marketing strategy currently in place but also an enhancement of your product publicity since it will be daily updated on the internet in addition to the hard copies. Don’t miss out being integrated in our internet search engine where you can be found by clients from all over the world.

We envisage to have close to 600 individual tourist related businesses covered from our coastal and upcountry clients in the 150-200 page guide which will be printed in full colour on glossy 100 gm artpaper. Your inclusion in this guide will also mean triple exposure since you will also be featured in our BEST CHANCE magazine additionally both on the internet and in hard copy.

With a print production of 10,000 initial copies and a secondary readership of the guide on the internet, we aim to give you an initial hard copy readership of more than 250,000 tourists within the country and on the internet. KENYABEACH.COM is therefore undoubtedly the portal to Kenya tourism and the best media to market your products world-wide and locally in the current highly competitive and global tourist marketplace.

Having an unlimited hard copy and internet shelf life, advertisements in KENYABEACH.COM will enjoy a huge advantage over the conventional dailies and magazines currently published at the coast which are not only expensive but do NOT give you the FREE internet exposure in addition to their limited shelf life.

The guide will be distributed FREE OF CHARGE to all hotels, restaurants, tour companies, banks, forex bureaux, shopping complexes and any other tourist related businesses thus reaching a broad spectrum of your clients both local and international.

We would therefore like to encourage you to take advantage of this top quality and unique advertising medium which is set to increase your performance in the tourism industry in hard copy and through our integrated internet search engine.

Our special All-in-One package will give you the advantage of being marketed in the tourist guide, in the BEST CHANCE coastal advertiser, being integrated in our internet search engine and getting web site design, development, hosting and marketing at a go.

The undersigned or any of our marketing executives will be calling you in due course to book an appointment and to confirm your participation in KENYABEACH.COM TOURISM GUIDE.

With Kind Regards,

Marketing Manager



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