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Mnarani Club Kilifi

Mnarani Club

Mnarani Club is situated on Kilifi Creek along Mombasa/ Malindi road, about 65 km from Mombasa Airport. It is a 3 star hotel with many facilities / amenities. We have also given you sample itineraries of safaris from Mombasa just in case you are interested in doing safari to the park.

Could Janet Cole, the guest with doubts on the school funds please visit I did reply to your mail but you never responded.Lucy 29/12/03

I was really looking forward to staying here after seeing all the posts from people who had stayed here many times. Unfortunately, I met several of these people and they all seem to have pretty low expectations. The hotel is fine, only spilt by the lack of access to the beach due to the numerous beach salesmen, and loud europop till 11PM every night. If you want a couple of weeks of lounging by the pool, aqua aerobics and decent food, this place will do you fine. It's a shame so many people come back here time after time, there are so many more places to see in the world. Jon 5/1/04

I would just like to say what a pleasant hotel the mnarani club is, me and my father stayed there on the 31st may 2004 the grounds on which it is situated are spectacular the swimming pool is outstanding.the hotel staff were very helpful in anything that we needed, the hotel rooms were excellent and very spacious which is just what you needed after being on safari for seven days.overall an excellent hotel and a perfect end to a holiday of a lifetime in kenya. and i can crtainly say i will be returning in the future. Lucie Crane 20/6/04

I have only just reviewed the responses to my original mail and feel the need to show why I gave my comments. Firstly, most people do not associate with Patrick and the likes in the staff bar. Myself and my wife did. We went to the staff bar to play pool reguarly, largely because the staff were so nice. We listened to the staff in the bar and found Patrick to be a tyrant. They all said he was someone that terified them, giving the threat of sacking for the most minor of offences, (indeed one guy was sacked whilst we were staying). Patrick is married to the daughter of the owner, which makes him think that he is untouchable. We played Patrick at pool, and he so got irate at the fact that we beat him, that he promptly phoned the local military police, who, whilst let us go and could not understand why he phoned them, was rather scary at the time. Patrick believes that being the son in law of the owner makes him god. Under Kenyan customs, he is right. The fact that he is related to someone of local fame, makes him believe that he is untouchable. Anyone that thinks he is a "nice guy", I would suggest go to the staff bar, and listen to the locals. We did. I would personally suggest that the level of animosity towards people that dare to suggest that Patrick is corrupt, goes to show that Patrick and co review this web site and create ficticious responses. This is the only explanation for any defence of this nasty piece of work. Scott Cheadle 5/7/04

I stayed in the above place with my fiance and he thought that this would be the place to have a very romantic holiday. However, I have very few positive comments about the hotel and lots of negative views about it. When I mean negative, I mean I would not under any circumstances visit this hotel again. The reason for this, aside from the fact that when I was shown to my room, I couldn't believe how horrible it was. I didn't want to have a shower, let alone sit on the toilet seat. It was a real let down and I did not feel comfortable at all in our room as it jutted onto the kitchens and all you could smell was grease and fat through the loo window. I decided I would grin and bear it until I met "Patrick" the so called manager. He led us through a very good talk at the beginning of the holiday about how he is "soooooooo" helping the people of this village and that he helps them get a stall in the hotel so that the guests can buy "local carved figures" etc.. I later learned through actually going out of the gates of the hotel that Patrick actually charges the poor, poor people money to have a stall in his hotel and that the poor, poor people actually buy all this "hand carved" work from the local sweat shop in Mombassa. I felt like a total mug as I had already bought a few pieces that I was very proud of - on sending them to the UK - they fell apart and had paper inserts.It is absolutely shocking that tourists are taken for such a ride by such "concerned" people like Patrick.With regard to the above, I would say "don't go there with a barge pole" - you are being ripped off severely. Lynne Johnson 6/7/04

We have just returned from our honeymoon in Kenya and our final week was spent at Mnarani Club. I read a lot of these reviews before travelling and was a bit concerned about staying there but all I can say is what a fantastic holiday we had. The hotel is set in beautiful, well maintained grounds. The pool is amazing, with a very lovely pool attendant that looks after your every need whilst by the pool. The food at breakfast, lunch and dinner is wonderful. All staff are friendly and cannot do enough for you. We had a fantastic, relaxing week, just what was needed after the safari. I would recommend it to others with gusto! Alix Faulkner 24/8/04

We stayed at the hotel in Sept 02 in the garden room, It was so dirty the room was full of spiders, the safe was broken,there were no tiles on the shower floor it was just bare dirty concrete. The remaining tiles were cracked we had just been on a long camping safari the tents had been immaculate I could not believe the state of the rooms and it wasn't just our room we were travelling with friends and their room was just as bad.We ask to be moved. Eventually we were moved but only after alot of fuss. The staff were really helpful and the pool is beautiful, But I would not go back and I have been to Kenya at least 7 times,I have never been disappointed until then. K Rowell 27/11/04

My husband and I stayed at the Mnarani back in 2002. When we arrived we thought the hotel basic until we realised the whole 'ethos' of the place. The resort was very clean and the swimming pool stunning. We were never bothered when on the beach and looked after immaculately by the barman who was concerned that we drank plenty of water during the day. The snorkelling was superb. Congregating around the beautifully lit bar area at night was delightful although some of the entertainment was a little disappointing. The food was excellent and the 'egg' chef at breakfast deserved a medal. However We did find the parading of school children for 'adoption' upsetting particularly as the hotel gave them no drinks on a very hot day nor seemed to make them aware of toilet facilities. They all looked very bewildered and people felt 'pressured' into doing something. Jill Wiseman 29/12/04

Hi,We're looking for a nice place in Africa to celebrate a special occasion during August 2005. I've been to Zanzibar previously, and had the time of my life - MUCH better than a similar holiday on Hawai'i. In talking to a travel agent I was referred to Club Mnarani, which, at the time, sounded like the perfect destination. However, having just read through all the comments in this guestbook I am now completely confused. Who's right and who's wrong? Is Patrick the big bad boy made out to be, even stooping to the level of falsifying praise and goodwill guestbook entries?I would VERY much like to receive any correspondance, feedback and advise, either good or bad - please send to Louie Schoeman, South Africa 25/6/05

My husband and I stayed at the Mnarani Club hotel in September 2003, and held our wedding there. We can not rate this place highly enough!! The staff were so helpful, and the hotel itself and its surroundings were just perfect. Our wedding day was everything we could have hoped for, and more. We have recommended this hotel to all of our friends, and will continue to do so. We hope to go back this year! I was disappointed to see a comment from someone who said people must have pretty low expectations to rate this hotel so highly - don't know what he can be talking about! Simone Cusack 1/1/06

Mnarani Club and it's suroundings of Kilifi are a true paradise. I have travelled in Kenya extensively and never come across a better hotel in this price range. You will not be disappointed, unless of course you are niave enough to assume there should not be insects in the tropics. Should you be blessed to visit Mnarani please complete your experience with a trip on Captain Issa's dhow boat. Vicky McCann 28/5/06

Have you visited this hotel recently?
Please give us your comments.

We had an extremly good holiday, probably the best we have ever had. We intend to revisit Mnarani Club, and also we will try another area of Kenya,and try another safari other than Savo East, which was a fantastic two day safari. We wish we could come back tomorrow. Graham Fowkes 17/10/01.

We had the most fabulous holiday ever. You couldn't ask for a better location and nicer staff - it was really excellent. We only stayed a week and we were really sorry to leave - I would recommend this to anyone. Kathryn Hughes 12/11/01
My wife and I visited for our 25th anniversary.We both agree that it was the best holiday we have ever had in our lives, and we have travelled extensively. The location is breathtaking. The staff are superb. The food was out of this world. We are going back. Hornbuckle 27/8/02

My family and i have visited the Mnarani several times. The food is fantastic and the people are very friendly. I am going back for another two weeks this year. Sarah 19/9/02

We held our wedding at the Mnarani Club, the staff at the hotel gave us such a special wonderfull day. I cannot praise the hotel staff enough. The friendliness is amazing, the food excellent. Everybody treats you with the upmost friendliness. It is an amazing place. We have travelled quite a lot, and vow to return and keep returning the the Mnarani. If you have not booked to go or are wondering where to stay. I urge you to visit Mnarani, you will not be dissapointed. The peace and tranquillity and location is breathtaking. karen and pat griffiths 17/11/02

Without a doubt, the worst hotel in the world. The manager was obnoxious and rude, the room and bathroom was terrible, the drinks list was very limited, you are made to feel uneasy, since the manager rules the hotel by inciting fear in the staff, who all fear for their jobs. I would not reccomend this hotel to my worst enemy. Scott Cheadle 29/11/02

I am shocked by Mr Cheadle's comment. We were there in June and could not have faulted the hotel from a point of view of the manager, the firendlieness of the staff, the easygoing rapport between the two and the place generally!
It obviously depends on what you are looking for when you go abroad! Dev Anand 1/12/02

I am also very suprised about Mr Cheadles comments, he does obviously not appreciate this type of holiday or is a complete hoax! We stayed at this hotel for one week while on our honeymoon and had the time of our life. We also travel a lot and have never stayed anywhere quite like it. It is certainly dream location and the service is excellent. We arrived at the hotel to find tropical flowers arranged on our bed and a bottle of bubbly! The pool is set overlooking the creek which opens out to the is truly idyllic. The best thing I found were the watersports which are all inclusive apart from the scuba diving which is a must. Anoter nice thing is that the hotel is for adults only so you can really relax and enjoy the tranquility of the place. We will definitely return one day when we can afford it.... I'll say cheer up Mr Cheadle!!!! Kate and Ian 7/1/03

We stayed over this Christmas and found the waiters friendly and hard
working but found the Manager unobtainable and rude as another guest has written. The room was very good and the food O.K. the entertainment was very poor and repetitive except the band called something waves. I am concerned about the money not going to sponsor the children schooling of the village once you pay it to the hotel. They have not answered my E mail about my money. Janet Cole 11/1/03

I was shocked to read the comments of Mr Cheadle. I too was at the Mnarani Club Hotel in June and along with Dev Anand our respective partners and other guest had the most wonderful time. It was a very friendly atmosphere where everyone was made to feel welcome. The staff couldn't do enough for you and the manager (Patrick) was extremely helpful, even arranging an emergency medical appointment in the local village for my wife and providing a courtesy car to take us.
I would thoroughly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for an enjoyable holiday in Kenya without any of the problems that can sometimes go with one. Phil Rowntree 15/1/03

We visited Mnarani in sept.02. Mr Cheadles comments I believe are totally untrue, we couldn't have wished for a better holiday, all the staff were helpful and friendly, the manager, Patrick was the perfect host who treated his staff with kindness and respect his family were also staying at the hotel they were equally as charming. I would recommend this beach club to anyone and we will certainly be returning. Truely a magical place. Tracey 6/2/03

Mr Cheadle must be on another planet. I was born in Kenya and lived there for 30 years and have been to Mnarani many times. It is a brilliant hotel.I hope no one is put off by Mr Cheadles comments. They are quite untrue. This is just a great hotel and where else can you get service like this.The Hotel is just fantastic and a wondeful place to spend a holiday.
Best wishes to all at Mnarani. Ken Doig 19/2/03

Myself my Husband and 2 friends stayed at the Mnarani in September 2001 and I must say we found the Manager extremely abrupt. The hotel on the whole was really nice and the food was excellent, complements to the Chief. Jackie Nicol 19/2/03

I have read the reviews and have decided that there appears only one person who is negative. If the manager is as rude as this person says, I shall ensure that he is put in his place during my visit. I shall also ensure that the hotel's owners consider replacing him. I shall be visiting the hotel next year after my Safari and being a regular visitor to Kenya, I await my encounter with the manager with interest. I doubt that I shall find him rude, as I have never met a rude hotel manager anywhere in Kenya. I shall report to this website on my return. Jo Orbell/01.10.03

It is with dismay and disbelief that I read the comments of Mr Cheadle.Mnarani is a veritable paradise; good food:clean and comfortable rooms: fantastic views and excellent service.I can only assume that Mr Cheadle visited before Patrick took over as manager as Patrick is one of the most courteous and helpful people I have met, even in Kenya, where everyone treats you with friendly respect. I have been to Mnarani 3 times and will be going again soon. Thank goodness I am unlikely to run into Mr "misery guts" Cheadle. Brian Milward 29/11/03

Finch Hatton Camp Tsavo

Finch Hatton Camp

Finch Hatton's lies at the heart of Tsavo West National park, part of Kenya's single largest game reserve. Denys Finch Hatton was one of Kenya's great adventurers. He devoted his life exploring the wild in style. In his camp, dinner was served on fine china with silver and crystal, while the gentle strains of Mozart played in the background. Here in Tsavo, where he lived and died, this tradition lives on. Finch Hatton's camp, a privately owned and managed one man's dream to create the ideal, offers guests a unique opportunity to relive the golden era of the safari in absolute elegance, 5 star comfort, the finest cuisine surrounded by the spectacle of the great African wilderness.

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